JYARZ Chico with TripleBlock™ Protection

Chico - Granny Apple Green
Chico - Orange
Chico - Indigo Blue

JYARZ Chico Features:

  • 3x odor blocking system, unique to J\YARZ
  • Glass-lined - with think glass is most beautiful material in the world
  • Eco-consciousness that will make you feel good inside

JYARZ unique TripleBlock™ design offers three layers of freshness enhancing, dankness odor control: 

    1. An air-tight seal is formed where the exterior cap and shell meet. 
    2. A thick silicone gasket inside the cap, forms the second airtight seal where it meets the inner glass core. 
    3. Outer shell and cap are made of recycled easy to clean HPDE plastic

The JYARZ Chico's 3/4 FL Oz capacity (approx. 4.5 teaspoons - 1 Fl OZ is about 6 Teaspoons) is big enough to provide capacity for a day trip or evening out without being too bulky to carry.