Big Papi with TripleBlock™ Protection


JYARZ Big Papi features:

  • 3x odor blocking system, unique to JYARZ
  • Glass-lined - we think glass is most beautiful material in the world
  • Eco-consciousness that will make you feel good inside

The Big Papi is our largest JYAR, designed for longer-term storage, featuring approximately 16 fluid ounces of storage capacity.

JYARZ unique TripleBlock™ design offers three layers of freshness enhancing, dankness odor control: 

    1. An air-tight seal is formed where the exterior cap and shell meet. Because this first seal is formed outside the threads, the entire container and its contents can be submerged in hot soapy water...clean it "cap-to-base" in seconds.
    2. A thick silicone gasket inside the cap, forms the second airtight seal where it meets the inner glass core. Each and every JYAR provides you with 3 layers of odor and freshness enhancing protection!
    3. The outer shell and cap are made of recycled HPDE plastic which has a waxy and slick, smelly substances don't readily adhere to it. 

Optimal Flower Storage for your active life style.

Big Papi features JYARZ classic glass core and with tough outer shell ensuring that your flower is housed in glass with a tough outer plastic shell. Glass is inert so its free of chemicals, BPA's and Thalates and its easy to remove and clean. Thick silicone gaskets form a super tight and reliable seal which keeps the odor and freshness in! The rugged HDPE plastic provides another of protection from harmful UV rays and protects the glass inside from knocks and spills. The colorful outer shell is made from 100% recycled milk jugs.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
seth terry
the jyarz are nice

good jars,

Mark Thompson
Great size and love the sealed container

No smell. I love the giant size and the glass insert for keeping everything fresh.

First time jyarz buyer

Solid. Quality. Both words popped immediately into my mind when I opened the box containing my big papi and classic. Both are very solid in the hand. The Big Papi was bugger than I expected, which was an excellent surprise. Very, very faint new plastic odor when I first opened Both jyarz up.

All in all 10/10. Found my new go to storage solution.

Gregory Doneff
Dr. D.

Purrrfect size storage and total block out !