All New JYARZ Classic


Tested on the Colorado River under the most extreme conditions. Result - 100% success! Take the New JYARZ Classic with you on your next adventure and it'll stand up to all the extremes you throw at it.

The New JYARZ Classic features:

  • NEW more rugged design
  • NEW Child Proof Cap or Screw on Cap options
  • NEW 3x odor blocking system, unique to JYARZ (O-ring seals in the freshness where the cap meets the bottle)
  • Glass-lined - with thick glass is most beautiful material in the world
  • Eco-consciousness that will make you feel good inside

JYARZ unique TripleBlock™ design offers three layers of freshness, enhancing  dankness odor control: 

    1. A new silicone o-ring (Child Proof Cap version) creates a seal is formed where the exterior cap and shell meet. Because this first seal is formed outside the threads, the entire container and its contents can be submerged in hot soapy water...clean it "cap-to-base" in seconds.
    2. A thick silicone gasket inside the cap, forms the second airtight seal where it meets the inner glass core. Each and every JYAR provides you with 3 layers of odor and freshness enhancing protection!
    3. The outer shell and cap are made of recycled HPDE plastic which has a waxy and slick, smelly substances don't readily adhere to it. 
    4. Add a new silicone sleeve to add color, strain labels and an additional layer of shock absorbing protection.Outside Dimensions: 3'' Tall by 1 1/4'' Wide (at top/widest)

Volume: 1.25 Fl Ounces (Approx. 3 Gram capacity)



Customer Reviews

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Raymond Turner

Nice storage container

Dan Salak
Worth it.

Definitely worth the 💰

Erica Shiozaki

All New JYARZ Classic

Jyarz classic

The classic was one of the two jyarz that made up my first order. Just like with the big papi, I'm blown away by the quality of the classic. And the size is perfect. Amazing for those of us who like to have pre-ground material, fresh, and easy to access. I really do wish I had known about Jyarz before now. For my use case they are absolutely perfect

Jeremiah Pierson
The best stash jyarz on the plant

From all glass insides to triple seal technology these are the best on the market.