JyARz are simple, portable, reusable, recyclable, glass-lined, waterproof travel containers. 

JyARz can be used to store and transport your personal care products like pills, creams, oils, shampoo, medicinal herbs, homeopathic remedies and much more! JyARz are made of 4 parts main parts:

1. A protective "sleeve" which surrounds and protects a glass insert. The sleeve is made from 100% post-consumer (recycled) milk jug plastic.  The plastic in JyARz contains no traceable thalates or's clean and recyclable.

2. A cap, which like the sleeve is made from 100% post-consumer/recycled milk jug plastic.

3. A glass "core", which looks a lot like a flat-bottomed test tube. The glass core in our JyARz is made from borosilicate glass, which means its tough and can withstand washing and extended reuse.

4. Two gaskets made of high-purity, FDA food-safe latex. Latex is a safe, inert material in common commercial use. We decided to use latex for the fantastic performance and safety it affords. However, no material is completely impervious. JyARz work great with thousands of fluids. However, a fluid can react with the latex gasket, affecting the latex, altering the fluid, or both. Whenever we learn of a fluid that reacts with the gasket in a JyAR, we post it here for reference.

We think a JyAR will be the last little glass-lined jar you will ever need.

In earlier versions of JyARz the top gasket that seals the contents in a JyAR was made from 100% FDA approved food grade latex. If you are allergic to latex we don't recommend you use JyARz!

Note: JyARz purchased as of June 1, 2014 contain FDA food-safe non-allergenic Buna-N gaskets. This change in material was made for two reasons. First, some customers complained that the natural latex emitted an unfavorable odor. Second, because some people are allergic to latex we've opted for a non-allergenic material.

No. JyARz start at $12.95, who doesn't have $12.95 for a product that may well last a lifetime. JyARz are tough and modular. Modularity means that you can replace the glass insert and gaskets and instantly have what in essence is a new JyAR for a few dollars. A JyAR can last a lifetime.

First your stuff is stored in glass, so it's not exposed to plastic. The glass in a JyAR™ can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement. Replacement glass can be purchased at our online store. When you replace the glass "core" inside a JyAR™ it's like getting a brand new container, but since you keep reusing the sleeve and cap there's no plastic to throw-out.

Second, double-seal to keep your stuff under tight seal. Humidity and air can't get in and any odorous stuff inside your JyAR™ won't get out ;-)

We recommend a Silver Marker SC-S-EF Extra Fine Point Pen by Pilot. This pilot pen draws in permanent silver ink which adheres nicely to the outside of your JyAR. It's waterproof too... just like your JyAR.

JyARz are pretty tough. While we don't recommend that you throw them around like we do in our videos, JyARz are shock-proof so the glass inside is protected from shocks and falls.

The glass insert inside a JyAR is designed to be removed. To wash it out, simply remove it from the sleeve (I put my index finger on the inside of the glass and slowly and very carefully pull it out). Then just rinse the glass with warm, soapy water. If the contents inside the insert make it too slippery to remove, just run some warm soapy water in it to clean it out, then remove it with your finger.

If your JyAR really needs a deep clean, we recommend that you remove the glass and gaskets. The gaskets can be removed with a butter knife (or something similar). Using said knife, just pry out one side of the gasket in the cap and sleeve and slowly loosen it. Be very careful not to damage the gasket so that it doesn't deform and destroy it.

The gaskets in a JyAR are made of high-purity, FDA food-safe latex. Latex is among the most inert materials available for common commercial use. However, no material is completely impervious. JyARz work great with thousands of different contents, sometimes a fluid can react affecting the latex gasket, altering the gasket or fluid, or both. Whenever we learn of a fluid that reacts with a gasket in JyAR, we post it here for reference.

No the gasket inside a JyAR is made from FDA approved and food safe rubber. The gasket initially will emit some odor but in our experience that dissipates and will not affect the contents in a JyAR.

We named this JyAR with homage to Louis Armstrong (his nickname "Satchmo"). He had an incident with authorities in 1930 regarding an herbal remedy he and his drummer were a good story.