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Thank you for making a great can't leave home without it type of!

Posted by  on April 28, 2013


I have owned my JyAR for about 5 months now and love it so much that I bought a few more. I then decided to place three small sized buds into my Blue JyAR. It’s been about three months now that those buds are in there, checked back last week and they are still in perfect condition, in fact, it even still had that amazing aroma, and still had a bit of moisture! JyARz are By far the best. Perfect for ground up herb, or solid form. Won’t leave my house without it. I’ve dropped it onto concrete and worried about breakage, but knew I was able to rely on JyARz because of the double shock absorbent gasket! If you’re the type of person to drop things, you won’t have to worry about it being broken :D . Give them a try, and I promise, that you’ll love your JyAR!

Posted by JyARHead#17 on April 22, 2013


Thanks JyARman! 
These are THE BEST!! 
I’ve been posting about this product Everyday since I received!!



Posted by Starling on April 14, 2013

 Posted February 06, 2013

Yesterday JyARz was featured in The World Best Ever! Check it out:


You had me at heretic. I just rec’d my JyAR today & it’s so nice my husby wanted one of his own so, yeah, we’re both aspiring JyARheads. R3. Peace, Aldo!

Posted by [@brickandmordor] on March 14, 2013

Hey Jyarman, Got my container today and it’s great. The quality is great, it looks great and made in the USA! I liked the personal card in my name thanking me for buying your product. That’s a first for me. I hope you do some bigger sizes in the future (like yesterday). :)

Posted by Stussy on March 08, 2013

wow, all i gotta say, i have done a lot of shopping online over the past 12 years, im talkin ebay,, nbastore, amazon, fine clothing online retailers, and NEVER EVER once have i received superior or more rapid customer service than with (Aldo). Impressive, keep up the environmentally conscious products, and service.

Posted by Eddie on February 04, 2013

I happened to stumble across Jyarz while reading reviews for my new #Pax, so I decided to contact Aldo and give these a try. And I am so glad that I did!! The quality of these products is fantastic, and like others have said, it works!! Keeps all smell, water, air, etc out my Jyarz and keeps everything fresh! Im reccomending these to all my friends (and making some jealous in the process) and cant wait for the different sizes and colors. You have yourself an amazing product and Im absoultely a #Jyarzhead! thanks again

Posted by Justin B on January 29, 2013

Best product I’ve had in a while keeps my [product] as fresh as the day I got it. Thankz Aldo! #jyarhead

Posted by Mr420Friendly on January 26, 2013

I’m officialy a i’m very eco – friendly the sustainable life when i seen this product..i said wow thats so i could have fresh product everywere i go…officially jyarzhead…lol. …sugestion u should make difrent sizes up 2 a 7 up can size…i be the first 2 get one…thanks for the product…link 2 a review on youtube..check it out guyz..

Posted by Ricdog266 on January 23, 2013

I really love having a Jyar. It is such a great product and even down to the shipping material everything about the Jyarz has made me fall in love with this product. The Glass liner. Size. I am going to be placing an order very soon. I have not been this enthusiastic about something as much as I am this product in a while. It was a little hard for me to give up my old containers I like but the Jyar is just so superior than what I had been using. Thanks Aldo. Best of luck with this. I think you got a winner.

Posted by Howie on January 02, 2013

I collect small things, like beads, magnets etc. and am always looking for a way to store them. That’s when I came across Jyarz. There area 3 colors available I believe, and they resemble the old black 35mm film canisters on steroids. Picture this: a slightly taller, film canister and lid made out of recycled milk jugs, but much thicker than a film canister. Inside there are 2 gaskets for keeping this unit airtight. There’s also a glass tube inside too. The glass is removable and has their logo silk-screened on it, and it looks pretty cool. I only have one currently, and will probably get more. They come in one size, and cost about $13. I washed mine out when I received it, and right now I have some herbs used for cooking stored inside it. It might be overkill, but when you pay $250 for an ounce of saffron for cooking, you want it kept airtight and in a dark place, until you use it. This accomplished that task readily. I can envision using Jyarz for my bead collections as well as for vitamins when traveling. I love the fact that they’re made from recycled material. If anything ever happens to the gasket or the glass, they even sell replacement parts. In watching their video, the inventor, Aldo, is shown bouncing his Jyar on the ground and catching it, to show you how well protected the glass is inside. And if that isn’t reason enough to buy one, knowing that 1% of sales are donated to groups researching environmental issues helps me justify my purchase even more. Now, I have a great place to store small things, knowing that the sun and air won’t destroy them. I can see lots of uses for these. Cool idea!

Posted by Pat on December 09, 2012

These Jyarz are TIGHT! Seriously they seal Tight. I gave it a 7-day freshness test & My Dank stayed Soft & Sticky it in. Did not dry up at all & I even opened it up once daily 2 complete my Test. I also submerged it underwater & not a Wet Nugg in da house.
@QueenWeed approved Thanks Aldo!
#JyarHead #11

Posted by @QueenWeed on December 06, 2012

You ever come across an idea that is so simple and necessary that every other version of the idea just seems kind of weak, and then you think to yourself: why didn’t I think of that? THAT is exactly what the Jyar is; an idea I wish I would’ve had. So simple, so effective, so perfect it’s a wonder it hasn’t been around all along. And I have to wonder, how did I get by without one of these things before??? I am a Jyarhead for life! And yes I suppose you may have noticed that I am a tad jealous that this was not my idea. Why didn’t I think of this!?!?!? Great product! Thanks!

Posted by Mike on December 05, 2012

The Jyar fits perfectly in your hand or pocket, making it an ideal size for travel or daily use. The Jyar stores product in an air-tight, weather-proof, water-proof glass environment where optimum freshness is sealed in and all other unwanted contaminants are sealed out. The inner glass sleeve pulls out and becomes a great table jar that is both attractive and convenient for both displaying and holding product while in use. The exterior shell is light proof, helping ensure the shelf life of products stored within. This handy pocket or purse sized Jyar will make your old plastic film canisters obsolete. It’s a glass jar that you can take on the road, and I wouldn’t try it myself but I’m pretty sure you could throw it at the wall or a concrete floor and the glass wouldn’t break. At any rate, daily wear and tear should not be an issue here. If you drop the glass sleeve, they are replaceable. The latex seal locks the smell in, so the dogs should leave you alone, or any other nosey noses. I can’t tell you how nice your product looks sitting on the table in the glass sleeve. You just have to see for yourself. If you care about your product and you want to keep it fresh, buy one for every day of the week! From field, to mountain, to stream; hiking, biking, kayaking, or traveling overseas: if you can’t find a use for these Jyarz, then clearly you do not understand what they are for. They look great with a sticker on the outside, or keep them low profile an nondescript in the variety of colors they offer. Jyarz have become my exclusive pocket protector, if you know what I mean! Do yourself a favor and pick a few up today, and throw those old plastic containers away.

Posted by Dave on December 05, 2012

I’m very happy to be a JyARHead! This is the most comfortable portable container/jar that is water proof and smell proof! I recommend JyARz because for any medical marijuana patient, because JyARz are small enough to bring anywheres, and they hold a good daily amount.

I am huge on Eco-friendly, green, recycled plastics and is also UV PROOF :) that is what makes JyARz a Hero, being made from old milk jugs and SAVING OUR PLANET! Its shock proof and UV proof as well! keep your medication at high quality without sunlight ruining the THC. Get yours today for whatever you want to keep away from dust and water. Perfect for Pill, creams/lotions, herbs/loose tea…. Even a pair of head phones you might not want to crush.

JyARHead #17

Posted by Cory Bourrier on December 04, 2012

This looks like such a great idea. After having just traveled through Africa for 3 months and continuously having to throwing away plastic bags, having lame plastic containers break and spill shampoo all over my bag, and generally being wasteful with a range of containers, I am stoked on this idea. It’s sad to see how much plastic is thrown away (which often means in the creek, river, etc) in the developing world. We need more ideas like this!

Stoked to get my hands on one and hopefully become a #jyarhead!

Posted by Matt on November 20, 2012

I love the JyARz design. So unique. Over the years I’ve gone thru plenty of jars. And I’m so tired of the usual single use jars out there. And JyARz is something I would wanna use from now Eco-friendly & shock resistant. (Important for me) I always drop my jars. 
In my opinion an all around great container. Great design.
#JyARhead for life

Posted by _caligirl4life_ on November 19, 2012

What’s not to love about JyARz? With this Eco-friendly product I can discreetly hide my medication whatever it may be, with its water-tight plastic case holding the glass has to be the coolest idea for a container I’ve seen. I own one white one already and it’s seen it’s fair share of water filled train wrecks already. It’s the perfect container for anything medication you may have, from liquid to pills to herbal. You just can’t get a more creative, full proof container than JyARz. Thanks guys!

Posted by Glockjaw on November 19, 2012

Im proud to say I have a jyars its a cool little container an u can take it bout anywhere you has a tight seal an watever you put in it u won’t smell I like than fact you guys are being Eco friendly so u guys keep up the good work because your making a good product caint wait to c Wats coming next

Posted by kidd kidd on November 16, 2012

JyARz have many potential uses, take a look at this for some insights from an herbalists:

Posted by JyARhead #0 on November 15, 2012

I just got my new JyARZ jar. It’s awesome for storing my medication like nothing else! Medications are stored in glass which is encased in a hard plastic protective outer shell. It’s waterproof, smell proof and there are no metal parts. Slides easily in and out of your pocket. They are just awesome and would make a great gift. I like them so much I want to put our movie logo on them and sell them on our movie’s website. Until we do, get them here now! FYI I have no stake in this company nor do I know anyone associated with them. I just think this is a superior product. Peace!

Posted by @potmovie (on Twitter) The Green Goddess Movie on November 13, 2012

Jyarz is the coolest jar i have ever seen. It has glass inserts that wont break because of the hard plastic shell. The way it is designed makes the container air tight with the rubber seals. This is an excellent product and everyone should get one..

Posted by Matt Sauve on November 12, 2012

JyARz are the best,Ive been threw so many containers and different products to carry anything from my bracelet beads to my puppies dog treats; I cant wait to finally try out some of JyARz products. 
im deff a #JyARhead.
you guys are awsome for shipping one out to me. im so honored to be #JyARhead #8

Posted by bryant on November 12, 2012

Jyarz…what to say??! i am a huge fan of ur products!! the whole go green is awesome…great way to reduce reuse and recycle!! I appreciate u helping to cut down on the carbon footprint. i love how ur product is soo versatile. i dont have a jyar yet but its on my xmas list!! keep up with the positive attitude!

Posted by Jacki on November 12, 2012

I think that the concept of JyARz is awesome, such a great idea. Especially the fact that they are eco-friendly and the 1% donation. Unfortunately, I do not own a JyAR but would love to try it out. The size of the JyARz seem, compact and easily portable, and hopefully- airtight. I would LOVE to be a JyARhead!

Posted by Felicia aka @ossumpossumxd (instagram) on November 10, 2012

I take the train to work every day. I cringe when I see styrofoam food containers and plastic forks. I have one JyAR which I appreciate for its recycled milk carton plastic, recyclable glass, and natural rubber gaskets. It’s also a gorgeous shade of blue. I’m now a JyARhead, through and through.

Posted by SycoNot on November 09, 2012

Hey there! I think what you’re doing is great, and I appreciate anything that helps out the environment. I don’t even own a car; I walk just about everywhere and having one of these with me would help out a ton. I love the fact that they’re so versatile and I don’t have to worry about how they were made. They’re very practical in size and shape, and they’re not bad to look at either. I’ll be proudly showing mine off when it gets here!

Posted by Kody Bell on November 09, 2012

I’m a JyARhead!

Why, you ask?

Well, I live in Florida, right on the beach. I see a lot of plastic waste that gets trapped on the beaches and in the ocean because of careless human nature! It’s very sad. I’ve even seen a bird in my back yard with fishing line wrapped around his beak keeping him from eating. Thankfully with effort, we helped him remove the fishing line and he was eventually able to eat. But it took almost a week. I’m a JyARhead because I believe in keeping the planet healthy and helping it by picking up waste, using less plastic, and always recycling! This planet gives us a place to live and it’s our job to take care of it.
Using JyARz is a great way to help!

Posted by Mercedes on November 09, 2012

Great product. I like the size, shape and color – they have a certain something about them that makes them a great thing to have. Very practical, but kind of beautiful too.

Posted by Giselle P on November 02, 2012

I’ve had my Jyarz about a week now and love it. It seals tight and keeps my flowers fresh. I like that I can remove the glass insert for easy cleaning. The shock absorbing disc at the bottom is a great added bonus.

I’ve shown a few of my friends and they all want Jyarz now! I know what I’ll be buying everyone for Christmas. Thanks for making a reusable green product that actually keeps the flowers fresh. Love it!

Posted by Jennifer aka @yummerbunny on November 01, 2012

I am a proud owner of 2 jyARz so far and I absolutely love them. These jars are perfect ! They are completely smell proof, airtight and made from recyclable material which I love. My only suggestion..make a PINK one :) Otherwise I totally recommend this as a MUST HAVE !!!

Posted by Arianna on November 01, 2012