Don't just store it...JyAR it!

Organic remedies and elixirs, are happier in a JyAR. Here's why:

  • JyARz stay-fresh super thick seals and UV blockers keep contents fresher longer.
  • JyARz are highly smell and water proof.
  • JyARz are made of glass and recycled milk jugs (No BPAs or Phthalates).
  • JyARz are rugged! Built-in shock absorbers protect the glass inside.
  • JyARz feature a reusable environmentally friendly design
  • JyARz are cost effective; modular design means they last a lifetime!
  • JyARZ are made in the U.S.A. 

See how much customers love their JyARz, here. And, remember the (why) is silent.


*1% of sales to organizations researching effects of plastic trash in ocean gyres