Chico Platinum Silicone Insert


JYARZ platinum silicone insert for the JYARZ Chico is non-porous, non-stick core which is great for herbal concentrates.

If you already own a JYARZ Chico this silicone core will fit into the slot where your glass core sits now. Simply pull the glass out and slide in the silicone core and VOILA! - new JYARZ Platinum Silicone Chico is ready to go!

The JYARZ Chico's 3/4 FL Oz capacity (approx. 4.5 teaspoons - 1 Fl OZ is about 6 Teaspoons) is big enough to provide capacity for a day trip or evening out without being too bulky to carry. Thick silicone gaskets form a super tight and reliable seal which keeps the odor and freshness in! The rugged HDPE plastic that surrounds the core, provides another layer of protection from harmful UV rays and protects the inside from knocks and spills. The colorful outer shell is made from 100% recycled milk jugs.